Sweater Makeover – Flower Embroidered Shoulders

After getting past more than a few mistakes and restarts, I am so happy with the final result of my latest sweater makeover! I thought about adding embroidered flowers to the shoulder seams of a sweater several months ago. I recently found this plain sweater at Target and decided it was a good time to give it a try. The sweater is a really thin knit and is perfect for spring. However, on the day I was finally able to go take pictures in the sweater it was windy and freezing! Of course. Haha. Hopefully I don’t look too cold in these photos. :)
I used embroidery thread for my flowers, but I’m sure you could use yarn or crochet thread for your own variation. Experiment with what works best for your sweater!
– A sweater
– Embroidery thread (I used DMC in colors #817, #807, #597, #803, and #563)
– Embroidery needle
– Embroidery hoop (I used a 6 in hoop for the main shoulder seam section and a 4 in hoop to fill in a few flowers around the edge.)
– Scissors
1. Center the hoop on the shoulder seams of your sweater. Make sure the sweater fabric is tight in the hoop. 
2. Select a color for the flower petals and knot the end. I used the “lazy daisy” stitch pictured above. If you are new to the lazy daisy stitch, you can find instructions here
3. Once you finish all of the petals, weave in the end under a few stitches on the back side and tie off with a knot. Cut the excess ends.
4. Add three or four french knots to the center of the flower. Tie off with a knot on the back side. Cut the excess ends.
5. Fill in the hoop with a variety of flowers in different sizes and color combinations. 
6. Repeat these steps on the second shoulder.

This is definitely my favorite sweater makeover yet! I love how a few embroidered flowers make this sweater look so delicate and unique. I plan on wearing it a lot this spring!

I hope you have a happy Friday and a great first day of March! :)

  1. Jo Crawford says:

    Such a great idea, it looks so good! It’s making me want to do it to all of my boring tops now :)

  2. Rebecca Jane says:

    This looks amazing. YOu might just have singlehandedly encouraged me to learn how to embroider. I’d love to try it if I could do projects like this!

  3. Michelle says:

    The sweater came out lovely! I wish I was good at embroidering as you are.

    My blog: acolorfulcreation.blogspot.com

  4. So pretty on you! I’d LOVE to try this!

  5. Just lovely! You have such wonderful ideas.
    I enjoy your blog so much!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    God bless,

  6. junewitch says:

    Absolutely beautiful :))

  7. Whitney says:

    Oh Meredith, this is so lovely! You have such excellent taste – I love everything you make! This reminds me of an embroidery project my grandmother did when I was a vey little girl. She bought a jean jacket with embroidered flowers on it, and a simple white tee to go under it. She told me that I was an excellent artist and she needed my help, and had me draw flowers around the neckline of her white tee that matched the embroidered flowers on the jacket. Then she embroidered my flowers and wore the outfit the next day. It made me feel so special! Thank you for reminding me of that sweet memory!

  8. Sarah says:

    Wow! I’ve been looking forward to seeing this since I saw the WIP on instagram. It’s just lovely! What an awesome idea and fantastic execution!

  9. aprilios says:

    Beautiful! I love it!

  10. This is such a sweet idea, so simple and beautiful :-)

  11. wow! That is gorgeous!

  12. Kelly Messer says:

    That is absolutely adorable!

    I’ve been thinking of maybe sprucing up a few of my plain sweaters lately, but still not sure what I want to put on them. Most of mine are more wintery. Maybe I will sit them out this weekend & see what vibes they are sending to my creative side.

  13. Angel says:

    It looks so pretty!! Hopefully some time in the future i’ll be able to do something similar to an old sweater.

  14. Danka says:

    Hi, this is stunning! What a transformation and such happy colours! xx

  15. Ashleigh says:

    Meredith! I am freaking out in love with this! I wish I knew how to embroider, it seems easy – maybe I’ll give it a shot!

    xx Ashleigh

  16. Jacki says:

    Holy smokes!!! This came out amazing! I love the shoulder placement. Great job!

  17. haas says:

    What an amazing result! I have recently started with embroidery and it is so relaxing.

  18. artede says:

    Very nice, I love it!!

  19. Dagmar says:

    You did a wonderful job, Meredith, love how you added spring to an outfit..I am sure with your inspiration we will see more flowers on shoulders in the days to come..❤

  20. You have done a great job I love the placement on shoulder and the color combinations took it on another level…..

  21. Chloe Moon says:

    How beautiful!! I could totally see this at anthropologie or something! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  22. Grace says:

    This is so beautiful! Everything you do is so inspiring and I love reading your blog! :)

  23. It’s so cute. I like this DIY.

  24. love this so much! great tutorial :)


  25. Eyelah says:

    That came out really pretty. Thats really good work. I would have never have thought to do designs on an existing sweater.

  26. So pretty!! What a great idea :)

  27. Marcelien says:

    Very pretty! I’d love to make this one day :)

  28. Oooh that looks nice.
    I can imagine one where they meet at the back with some vines and leaves added.

  29. Serra says:

    How cute! <3

  30. Erica says:

    It turned out so pretty! I’m glad you were able to work through the mistakes to finally come to this result. It is stunning!

  31. Marianne says:

    You turned an ordinary sweater into something special. It’s lovely!
    Hope you will have a nice weekend.

  32. Ashlee! says:

    I really love this design! It looks so well done!

  33. WOW this looks amazing! Nicely done!

  34. eskimo*rose says:

    Totally LUSH!

  35. Anke says:

    Oh, great job! The sweater looks so special thanks to the embroidery! Absolutely lovely x

  36. Charlie says:

    I love this! Oh… how I wish I was better at embroidery. Time to practice!

  37. SOOOO cute and lovely!! :) Happy Friday! xo Holly

  38. Plain Jane says:

    What a great idea – and it has turned into something completely unique – I’m feeling inspired x Jane

  39. Helen says:

    Such a lovely idea, I love your flower stitches here

  40. your sweater turned out great. Love your cute skirt as well!

  41. Lauren Pavia says:

    Your sweater looks so beautiful. I’m surprised you didn’t have to use any stabilizer! Were you just careful not to pull the material in the hoop too tight?

  42. This is beautiful! I’m in love with it 😀

  43. Leniccka says:

    Wow that’s really beutiful! :)

  44. eliza says:

    wow, it’s totally stunning!

  45. Isla says:

    Looks really cute! :)

  46. Laura says:

    This sweater looks amazing, I really love the color combo!!

    I actually just learned how to do the lazy daisy stitch – I need to practice more though because my stitches are a bit non-flowery looking… I think I pull them too tight. But as soon as I perfect it, I want to embroider tiny flowers on everything – they are so cute!

  47. La tigresa says:

    It is lovely! great idea. :)


  48. Beautiful sweater makeover! Definitely my favorite so far :)
    Do you plan on machine washing the sweater? I’d be afraid that the embroidery might not survive the washing machine… but then again, I wouldn’t wear a sweater often that I’d have to hand wash. I’m pretty lazy :(

  49. Elif Ayvaz says:

    It is very beatiful!

  50. julietgunn says:

    so beautiful, it is a genius idea with stunning results, I am a massive fan! x

  51. Kate-Em says:

    This is gorgeous, what a great idea. I love the lazy daisies!

  52. Hi Meredith, this is such a fabulous idea! I was never tempted by embroidery before but now I think I shall be joining some of the embroidery girls at my craft night and try my hand at it!

  53. Priya says:

    This looks great! I wish I was more familiar with the needle. I’ve tried embroidery before and it hasn’t been much of a success. Your talent with the needle and thread/wool is remarkable!

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  54. Lisa says:

    This is such a sweet idea, fantastic!

  55. Casey says:

    This is so beautiful!!

  56. Tara says:

    Cute! My textiles instructor just showed us today in class how to do embroidered flower with a chain stitch!

  57. look see says:

    Just love this! :)

  58. Vickie says:

    gorgeous makeover

  59. This is gorgeous and inspiring :)

    Thank you

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  60. Alisa Kim says:

    Not gonna lie, I would love to do this over an entire sweater. That would be one awesome kooky brilliant sweater. I love the idea of the shoulder pads though.

  61. Linda Rumsey says:

    This is such a great idea – and well executed, too!

  62. Lucia says:

    brilliant! will try this :-)

  63. Layla says:

    that is so gorgeous, how to make a beatiful thing out of an ordianry sweater :)

  64. Dolo says:

    Que bonito, me encanta, en cuanto pueda lo quiero hacer para mi. Gracias

  65. Kati says:

    Meredith, this is so pretty!


  66. Natalie Webb says:

    Success! It’s so very cute!

  67. Anonymous says:


  68. conniya says:

    Gorgeous! I just did a similar project with a pair of canvas shoes, which you can see here: http://conniya.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/diy-embroider-canvas-shoe/
    I’ve been wanting to embroider some old Hanes sweaters I have, so I might give this project a try. Thanks for sharing :)

  69. Faith says:

    Oh, I love this! And that last photo is my fave. 😉

  70. Jenny says:

    This is such a Great idea. It Looks so cute.


  71. Geri Lawhon says:

    This looks like a great project for me to use to show my teenage daughter how to spice up her own clothes. This has personality while not too difficult for a beginner. Love your work!
    Geri Lawhon

  72. Such a fun idea. I want to try it too!

  73. Anonymous says:

    Such a good idea – and you make a great model!

  74. This came out so beautiful!!! I love the colors you chose! Do you think you will have to hand wash it? I really like that skirt too, you are an embroidery inspiration :)

  75. Meg says:

    This is so beautiful! I think the color combination is a beauty! I think I might try it!


  76. this looks so great!!

  77. Leanda says:

    That’s so great! And a what a lovely blog you have!

  78. Aubrey S. says:

    LOOOOVE this idea!

  79. Zoe Twohoots says:

    This is stunning, I love it!! :) X

  80. Meredith! Oh my Gosh, this looks absolutely gorgeous and so expensive! I love it :))

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven.com/blog

  81. Elise says:

    Ooh this is so lovely, what a great idea! :)

  82. Cerise Wade says:

    Oh my goodness! How pretty! Totally going to give that a try.

  83. Barbara says:

    So pretty! I am definately going to remember this for a pimping a plain sweater or a cardigan!

  84. Great idea! It looks awesome!

  85. Eli says:


  86. Miss Angie says:

    Oh that’s so pretty!

    Found this post through High-Heeled Love’s post in our Weekly Round-Up. She shared it because it was so awesome! :)

  87. This turned out fantastic! I can’t wait to try it for myself. The layout of the flowers is perfect. Thank you for sharing your awesome idea! I linked to this post on my blog today, http://www.lovecityblog.com/2013/03/recent-favorite-finds.html

  88. Valerie says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Inspired! Gorgeous!

  89. yoojin says:

    Incredible work!! So beautiful!!

  90. Wow, this looks so cool! Had to add your blog right away! 😀

  91. Thanks so much for posting such a beautiful idea on your blog! You are so talented and all the stuff that you make is so cute! I can’t wait to try this on a boring ol shirt that I bought recently at the Gap!

  92. MrsF says:

    Absolutely amazing!

  93. oh la la! I love your creative creation, its cute and beautiful! Embroidery is the best.

  94. Lee says:

    This is so beautiful, I love the flowers. It makes a plain sweater look so stylish and adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  95. matemo says:

    It is so pretty! This is a great way to customize simple sweaters.

  96. This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    I’ll put this one on my “to-do”list. (it’s growing since I discovered the “blogworld” with all his inspiration)

  97. This is a great idea, and thank you for sharing! I hate when I have just one itsy-bitsy spot on a sweater that won’t come out — this would be a good way to cover it and still keep the sweater! :-)

  98. Rebecca says:

    I bought some light sweaters the other day off the sale rack and I immediately thought of this. It has been on my mind and Pinterest board for a long time now. So I think maybe after exams, I will have to learn how to embroider. I love your blog, you have such wonderful ideas :)

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