Sheepish Heart Bomb 2016!

Happy February, friends!

I am so excited to announce the fourth annual Sheepish Heart Bomb event! I love the idea of leaving notes of kindness around our communities during a season where a specific, romantic love, is emphasized and the true meaning of love is often forgotten. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating love. It is my desire to use these little crochet hearts and notes as a way to remind anyone who might be single, mourning, engaged, blissfully happy, or having a hard day, that no matter what one simple truth remains: You are loved. 

Just as you are. For me, I believe that love ultimately comes from the Lord and I am so thankful for the love He shows me every day.

It is my hope that these little “heart bombs” set off bursts of joy in your communities around the world. My favorite part is seeing all of your little hearts and notes under the #sheepishheartbomb hashtag!  If you haven’t participated in the #sheepishheartbomb in the past, here’s how it works…

  1. Make a heart! Knit it, crochet it, sew it, cut it out of felt…whatever your heart desires! Haha. Just make it with love.
  2. Attach a note. Say something like, “You are loved!” or “Smile!” or “Everything is going to be ok.” Make sure you include the #sheepishheartbomb hashtag on your note as well. This will encourage the people who find your hearts to post photos on Instagram and Twitter!
  3. Leave it out in the world on Valentine’s weekend, February 12-14th! Hang your heart creation somewhere out in your community on Valentine’s Day. Leave it in a place where someone will find it and smile!
  4. Post your heart bombs on social media! Take a picture of your heart and tag it #sheepishheartbomb so we can see your creation!

That’s it! You can find a pattern for the crochet heart on my blog here. Let me know if you have any questions and if you plan on participating! Through a simple act of kindness, you have the power to bring joy to someone’s day and even change their life.

This little heart bomb is a great place to start! :)


Brit + Co Crochet Class!

One Sheepish Girl on camera…?? Who knew??

A few weeks ago I traveled to San Francisco to film my first video course with Brit + Co!! The crochet class is officially available for purchase on their website here! I had such a great time creating the beginner basket pattern and filming the crochet basics with the Brit + Co team. You can also purchase a kit for the class that includes everything you need to make the project.

The class covers:

– Single Crochet

– Double Crochet

– Magic Ring

– Crocheting in the round

– Flat crochet and more!

If you have been wanting to dive into crochet but aren’t sure where to start, this class is for you! I truly hope you enjoy the class and I can’t wait to see the baskets you make. Please let me know if you take it and if you have any questions. Tag your project photos with @britandco + @one_sheepish_girl + #iamcreative + #onesheepishgirl.

Talking on camera is something I never thought I would do but I am so thankful to have the opportunity to try new things! It made my day when the video director said, “You’re not so sheepish, are you?”

I might need to consider rebranding. :)


The Blush List – Snow Days

Knit // I love the side split detail on this gorgeous sweater. I would love to try to recreate it or find a similar pattern!

one sheepish girl blush list weaving

Fiber Art // Jeannie Helzer’s weaving work looks like a snowy landscape. See more here.

Style // A coat covered in snowballs! The Ralph & Russo AW 15-16 collection is so dreamy.

Art // Abbey Lossing’s wintery illustration is making me love this year’s Pantone colors even more.

Etsy // Speaking of Pantone, this rose pink paddle cutting board from For the Host recently caught my eye! So cute.

Wish List // Glass, opalescent, pastel teacups?? I’ll take one of each, please.

Food // Yet another recipe from the lovely Butter and Brioche…vanilla and earl grey tea cookies. Perfect for dipping in a pastel teacup!

Just a few finds from around the internet that are keeping me inspired…

All of the snow photos from the northeast are making me wish for my own snow day. Texas still has a chance to see a few flurries in February…I hope! Is it snowing where you are? I hope you are staying warm and enjoying lots of hot drinks and time to be creative.

Here’s to an inspiring new week!


Finished Loopy Mango Nantucket Throw

In the words of Chris Traeger, this blanket is “literally” the coziest blanket of all time!! (Shout out to all of my fellow Parks and Recreation fans. Haha.)

The Loopy Mango Nantucket throw is finished and I am in love!! This was such a fun project to work on. So quick, too! The pattern says it is best to work the stitches loosely which was difficult for me since I have a normally knit pretty tight. I did my best to keep the knits and purls extra loosey-goosey on the giant knitting needles. Thankfully the stitch definition turned out great! The blanket is the perfect size to cover my lap and legs when I curl up with a good book.

Speaking of good books, I am currently reading All the Lights We Cannot See and I LOVE it. I only have a little bit to go but I will be so sad when it ends.

My little reading corner is now complete thanks to this gorgeous knit kit from Yarnthology! If you want to make your own, don’t forget to use the code ONESHEEP for 20% off any Loopy Mango product and 15% off anything else on their site.

I am so ready to snuggle under this blanket and read on the cold winter nights ahead. What are you reading these days? I am always looking for recommendations!


The Blush List is Back!

Fiber Art – Incredible, embroidered tennis racquets by Danielle Clough

Style  – I’m in love with this whole look!

Art – Just swinging from the moon! :) Collage art by Clare Celeste.

Wish List – As a self-professed brooch fanatic, I think we all saw my pin obsession coming…haha. Clearly I’m not the only one! This pin is one of my favorites out there!

Food – Earl grey donuts with pomegranate glaze…yes please! Recipe by Butter and Brioche.

For those of you have read One Sheepish Girl for a few years, you might remember my weekly inspiration feature, The Blush List. I would love to bring it back as a regular part of the blog if you are interested! I thought starting the week with a batch of handmade, artistic, fashion, and food inspiration would be great for all of us. I know I love it!

For more inspiration, follow along on Pinterest and Tumblr. Where do you like to collect things that inspire you? I am also thinking about starting a vision board for the year but I’m unsure of where to start. If you have any tips I would greatly appreciate any that you can offer!

Cheers to a new week!


Loopy Mango Throw Kit

I have seen the fiber majesty that is Loopy Mango yarn in photos for several years but I have never been fortunate enough to hold it in my hands…until now. Too dramatic??


But this yarn brings some serious drama!! Look at the size of that skein! It’s bigger than my cat! Yarnthology recently sent me a kit to make the Loopy Mango Nantucket Throw. I started the pattern a few days ago and it is knitting up so fast! The Size 50 circular needles are a little tricky to get used to, but after a few rows I adjusted to the size of this jumbo project. If you want to give one of their kits a try, use the code ONESHEEP for 20% off any Loopy Mango product and 15% off anything else on the site!

I can’t wait to finish this project. I will be back with photos of the finished throw soon!

Have a great weekend!


Hello Crochet Banner Video Class

Hello…it’s me. :)

Oh, Adele…haha. Well, I can truthfully say that I created this sign before Hello blew up our radios and eardrums last fall!

A few months ago I had the incredible opportunity to create four crochet video classes with Interweave! Talking and crocheting on camera is new territory for this sheepish girl. Thankfully I survived and enjoyed every minute of the filming process thanks to their incredible team!

If you want to learn how to make this cute Hello banner, visit the Interweave online store to purchase the video either as a download or DVD! This class includes instructions for basic crochet stitches, how to decrease stitches, and surface crochet techniques. I will be sharing the other video projects here soon. As always, if you give the project a try, share and tag your photos with #onesheepishgirl. I can’t wait to see your creations!


We Are Knitters Signage Sweater

Marc Bale Watch c/o The Peach Box

Three cheers and a heel-click for finished knitting projects!!

I am so happy with how this Signage Sweater Kit from We Are Knitters turned out! They kindly sent me the kit a few months ago and I loved stitching away on it during any spare moment. The thick wool knit up faster than I expected. I finished the front section of the sweater in two days! I think that kept me motivated to keep going and see this sweater through to the end. :)

The pattern was really easy to follow. It’s a great beginner sweater project for sure! I added a few extra rows to the sleeve pattern because I have pretty long arms. The original pattern would have worked nicely as a 3/4 sleeve! Haha. It was easy to modify, though! The hardest part was the assembly. Once you finish all of that hard work, you want to make sure the seams are clean and even. After weaving in the final length of yarn, I was so proud to sport this beautiful sweater. I look forward to wearing it throughout the winter season! Head over to We Are Knitters to get your hands on one of their fabulous kits and use the code ONESHEEPISHWAK for a discount at checkout!

How are your projects coming along? Finish any big projects lately?

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!


DIY Crochet Leaves + Tech Wallpaper

Happy Friday! I am so excited to finally share this project with you! Lately, when I go for a walk in the evenings, I find myself picking up a few fallen leaves that are particularly colorful or interesting looking. Texas isn’t exactly known for its beautiful fall season (See also: the very brown leaves above) but I’ll take what I can get!

One of the leaves I collected was a large magnolia leaf. It is surprisingly sturdy for a dead leaf and it gave me an idea. I remember seeing Susanna Bauer’s beautiful fiber art several years ago and being in awe of the intricacy of her pieces. So incredible. I wondered if I could apply some of my own crochet edging to a leaf, similarly to how I have crocheted on paper in the past. Shock of all shocks…it actually worked! So, I stealthily went back to the one magnolia tree in my neighborhood and scooped up as many leaves I as I could. I’m not going to lie…my heart was pounding pretty hard as I “stole” these leaves. Haha. Yes…I am a chicken. I was so worried someone would come up and say, “What are you doing?” and I would start stammering, “Well…I…uh…you see…I’m crocheting on these leaves…and I yeah…”

Anyway, the great leaf theft went off without a hitch and resulted in some lovely crochet leaves! Here’s how I did it if you would like to give it a try. The decorative possibilities are endless with these beauties!


– Magnolia leaves

– Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread

D/3-3.25 mm crochet hook

Small hole punch

– Pencil

– Scissors

Tapestry needle

Additional Supplies:

– A twig…from nature. Haha. :)

– Thread/yarn for hanging leaves

Crochet Leaves

1. Use the pencil to evenly mark dots around the edge of the leaf. This is where you will punch the holes. I tried to keep the holes (BLANK inches) away from the edge and (BLANK Inches apart)

2. Carefully use the hole punch to punch out holes all the way around the leaf.

3. Using the crochet thread, make a slip knot on your crochet hook. Slip stitch in the first hole to the right of the stem. Chain 4 (or 3 or 5…depending on the spacing of your holes) and sl st in the next space.

4. Continue all the way around the leaf until you reach the first sl st. Join with a sl st.

5. If you made it all the way around without tearing your leaf…gently set the leaf on the table…stand up…and do your best happy dance!! Or maybe just take a deep breath if that was super stressful for you. Haha. I think the leaves look great with even just one row of crochet around the edge! If you are feeling adventurous, here are the other two edges I tried…

Scallop Edge:

1. Starting in the first ch 4 space, *sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc, sl st in the sl st space and repeat from * around.

2. Join with a sl st, bind off, and weave in the ends.

Picot Edge:

1. Starting in the first ch 4 space, * 4 sc, ch 3, sl st in the same st and repeat from * around.

2. Join with a sl st, bind off, and weave in the ends.

I turned these leaves into a fall wall hanging! I used crochet thread to tie the leave to the twig and a chunkier yarn for it to hang from. I love how it turned out! So simple and beautiful. Use these leaves for gift wrapping, make a beautiful fall centerpiece, or string several together and hang a garland over your mantle! I can’t wait to see what you create! Please tag me on Instagram and Twitter if you give this a try!

Also, I made a new batch of tech wallpapers for this month! I hope you enjoy them! Let me know if you use them, too.

Download them here:

Desktop / iPad / iPhone

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Do you have any fun, fall plans?