She Percolates Podcast Interview

I can honestly say that chatting with Jen and Danielle during my She Percolates podcast interview was one of the most inspiring conversations I have had in a really long time. When we all said goodbye, I was overcome with inspiration and excitement. We had quite a few “real talk” moments and I absolutely loved it.

I met Danielle when I first joined the Etsy community five years ago. We still can’t remember how we started talking…haha. Oh, but I am so glad we did! I have watched her business grow, traveled to visit her in New York, Boston, and Norfolk, and enjoyed countless Skype conversations with her over the years. I am so excited for this new adventure in podcasting and I was honored when she approached me to be a guest! I am so happy to know Jen, her co-podcaster in crime, and equally strong and inspiring lady. These two are doing incredible things!!

We had a great time talking about everything from insecurities to my dream coffee date with Jimmy Fallon. So, head on over to She Percolates, pour yourself some coffee, and join us for a great conversation. We get real and I love it. Although, I can’t really listen to my own voice without cringing so I have to listen to it in pieces…haha.

I hope you enjoy it! Remember: You are not your resume. You are not your Instagram profile. You are so much more than a list of things you can do.


Crochet Ombre Trend – Deramores Blog Competition

I am so excited to be part of the Deramores Blog Competition! They approached six craft bloggers and asked us to share one of our favorite trends in the crochet/knit world. I chose a crochet ombre trend because I loved working with the different colors on this crochet ombre basket pattern I created for my book, Crochet with One Sheepish Girl. Each of the baskets I created is made of three yarns in a similar color family. I love how it draws the eye toward the pop of color at the top and gradually goes down to the lighter color at the base. This trend can be interpreted in so many different ways and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

To enter the competition, all you have to do is blog your unique take on any of the trends featured by the bloggers on this page. Then you submit your entry on the Deramores website and you are entered to win a huge yarn prize!

What are some of your favorite yarn trends right now? I can’t wait to see what you create for the contest! :)


Cables with a brooch on top…

After what felt like weeks of cloudy, gloomy, Vitamin-D-less days, the sun is finally out here in Texas. So that means it’s the perfect weather for wearing cable knit hats…am I riiiight? Haha. That’s what I get for being tricked by our random snow days to start knitting on a hat pattern! It kept my fingers busy when I was getting cabin fever and I am so happy with the finished product. The lovely Tara-Lynn from Good Night Day sent me one of her pattern books and I am so glad I finally cast on this hat. I want to make all of her patterns at some point! They are so unique and stylish.

I paired this little hat with the accessory I love most in the world…a brooch! Why didn’t I think of this before? Brooches make everything better. I decided to get fancy and wear it with one of my favorite vintage dresses from the lovely Kelsie. I can’t get enough of the little cape top! Of course it was necessary to twirl in it. The twirling made me think of the You’ve Got Mail quote, “My mother and I used to twirl…” And now I have yet another excuse to watch that movie for the millionth time.

Hooray for cabling, brooches, vintage dresses, and finding a way to bring them all together!


Inspiring Items No. 2

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a restful weekend. After yet another random Texas snow day, the sunshine finally came out on Saturday and I didn’t want to miss one bit of it. I spent the day exploring the McKinney town square with my best friend, Sara. Oh, it was such a beautiful day! We had lunch at Patina Green and enjoyed the best sandwiches ever. EVER. We could barely speak after taking our first bite. I also appreciate any restaurant that gives free chocolate chip cookies to their customers. I forgot I had it in my purse until Sunday afternoon. I prefer finding surprise cookies in my purse over gum wrappers and receipts any day!

We explored the shops on the square and took all kinds of pictures. I will definitely post a few this week! Also, I scored that awesome floral horseshoe print at one of the antique stores. I think it used to be a sticker? Who knows. It is just too cool and only cost me a dollar! Now I need to find an equally cool way to display it.

I also spent some time working on this knit hat pattern from Good Night Day. I can’t wait to finish it up tonight! I know it’s the end of knit hat season…but I found a skein of forgotten alpaca wool while organizing my stash and just had to put it to use.

These are just some inspiring items from a few days of rest and creativity. What have you been up to lately? How are your projects coming along?



Texas Snow Days

When snow comes to Texas, everything shuts down. Roads, schools, restaurants…everything. It’s almost embarrassing to admit my state (and myself!!) turn into Chicken Little and run around screaming, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” the moment frozen precipitation hits the pavement. At first, we only had some frozen rain which turned all of the roads into ice skating rinks. Later in the week we were treated to a surprise “snow storm” that resulted in around 2 inches of white fluff on the ground. It’s nowhere near what the northeast is suffering through this winter…but it was something!

The snow stuck around for a little while this weekend so I went out to explore my last shot at snow for the season. No matter how little snow we get, it is always a beautiful sight. Even as I watched the ice melt from my window, the freezing water sparkled like diamonds. Also, I love having any reason to drink additional cups of tea or hot cocoa.

The cold weather inspired me to pick my knit vest up yet again. Haha. I actually made some progress! I will post pictures of it later this week. I also gathered some color inspiration from a nature walk I went on yesterday. I can’t believe March is here and yet it still looks like December! I guess there is still time to bundle up and keep warm with some knitting!

Have you had much snow in your part of the world?


You are Loved – Sheepish Heart Bomb Results

For the third year in a row, I am completely blown away by the number of people who participated in the #sheepishheartbomb. It is amazing to see so many kind and creative people around the world take the time to make something and carefully place it out in the world. The collective wish is that someone in need of a smile will find one of these little hearts and do just that. My favorite part of the #sheepishheartbomb is when I receive notifications from the people who find these love notes out on their morning walk or tied to their shop door. What a beautiful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I am going to try to keep some of these hearts and notes in my purse at all times. That way I can just leave them at a coffee shop on a random Tuesday and keep the heart bombs going all year long! Would you be interested in participating in these throughout the year? I’ve done themed yarn bombs before like the Sheepish Bloom Drop and Sheepish Thanks. I would love to know your thoughts! Let’s keep spreading the kindness!

Check out the #sheepishheartbomb hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see everyone’s beautiful creations from the weekend!


Sheepish Heart Bomb 2015!

It’s that time of year again! I almost didn’t post about the Sheepish Heart Bomb this year because I thought I waited to long to get the word out for the third annual Sheepish Heart Bomb on Valentine’s Day. Then I realized it’s never too late to share a little love! No matter how busy, stressed, or caught up in our own problems, there is always time to let someone know they are loved. If you haven’t participated in this love-filled, yarn bomb event before, here are the details…

1. Crochet, knit, sew, make a little heart!

2. Attach a kind note that says something like, “You are loved!” and the hashtag, #sheepishheartbomb

3. Leave your heart on a park bench, coffee shop door handle, bike rack, and anywhere and everywhere in between.

The idea is that someone in need of a smile will find your heart on Valentine’s Day and feel loved! :)

Here are some photos of the hearts spread around the world last year!

It is such a small act, but it can have a huge impact on someone’s day. I know it is a little last minute but I hope you join me on Saturday and leave a heart out in the world. Click here for some heart patterns and other ideas for your creations! I can’t wait to see what you make. Are you in? Spread the word!


Inspiring Items No. 1

Helloooo, Friday. My, you are looking good to me right about now.

How was everyone’s week? Mine felt extra long for some reason but Friday is here and the sun is shining. The literal light at the end of the tunnel, as it were. ;)

Do you remember when I would post my Weekend Plans photos every Friday? I loved those posts but I haven’t felt as inspired to do them lately. Often, my weekend plans aren’t quite as planned out anymore but that is completely fine with me! I still love shooting organized and styled photos so I thought I would start a similar post series called “Inspiring Items” and shoot a few things that are keeping me inspired at the moment!

– The February issue of W Magazine has the most incredible editorial feature shot by the great Tim Walker. He showcases actors and actresses from the best movies of the year in a perfectly “Tim Walker” fashion.

– These fingerless mittens have been keeping my hands warm in the office lately. I bought them several years ago from vKnit on Etsy and they are still my favorites!

– Only a few inches left on my headband! It will be finished this weekend. Or else…it won’t. Haha. But I’m hoping it will.

– I’ve been using these flower stickers on a lot of my letters lately! They are so perfect.

– Still working my way through the Women in Clothes book. It is really good but the interviews can get a little repetitive so it has been difficult for me to focus on it for long periods of time. Or maybe my Benedict Bookmark is distracting me too much. That couldn’t be it…

I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with rest and creativity!




Photo Adventures with Friends

This post is a little bit of a hodgepodge of photos but I’ve been wanting to share these for awhile now…so here they are, all at once! That’s what happens when I take a break from blogging. There is a lot to catch up on!

Over the years, I have experimented with photography and even picked up a film camera or two. I am constantly trying to learn more about the craft but I know I am still quite the amateur. That is fine with me! I like having a reason to learn.

Thankfully a lot of my close friends are incredible photographers and have taught me a few tricks of the trade. The photos above are from a rainy day photo adventure I went on with my friend Jordan. He has amazing video skills, too. He also shot my book party video! The photos down below are from a few different days spent with my best friend Sara.

If I’m honest, everything I shoot during these photo adventures doesn’t really have a purpose. However, the time spent with these friends has been incredibly purposeful.  Not only do my friends help me gain confidence in my photography, they turn their lenses around on me and force me to stare my insecurities in the eye. These photos might seem silly at first. I mean, could l look more like a hipster, sitting on a bench with frizzy rain hair? Haha. Thankfully I am at a place where I can see so much more than a setting or person in these photos. I see creative and talented people doing what they love and encouraging their friends through their art. These photos are such gifts to me.

The lovely Sara has definitely helped me gain the most confidence. In addition to being just an incredible friend, her photography talent has caused me to grow in unexpected ways. I no longer hide my face or become consumed by fear when someone pulls out a camera. When you have someone taking your picture and forcing you to see yourself for who you really are, camera anxiety begins to fade.

I am so thankful for my friends who use their gifts to build up everyone they meet. They inspire me constantly. Also, we just have a ton of fun together!  I was just feeling a little deep today…haha.

All of my photos were shot with my PentaxK1000 35mm camera. It is still my favorite and I can’t wait to get out and do some more shooting!


Knitting + Spinning (Records)

I know I’m not the only one who, even with a menacing pile of unfinished projects taunting them in the corner, decides to throw caution to the wind (ha!) and pick up a new pattern/project/hobby anyway.

I recently started a knit headband pattern. Yes, I am stilll working on the knit vest even though it is currently sitting in a cat tote bag that says “I Meow You” feeling neglected and alone. I will get back to it soon! Sometimes I just need to change things up. I hope to actually finish this headband and wear it before winter disappears. My dreams of finishing the vest in time to wear this winter were pretty unlikely anyway…but I can keep trying!

So I spent some time the other day working on the headband and listening to records. One of my favorites right now is The 1975. I don’t care that they are suddenly “uncool” because of Taylor Swift dating rumors…I love their music. I also love Taylor Swift’s music now. I don’t know who I am anymore. Anyway…it was an enjoyable afternoon. If I am working on a knit/crochet project (or pretty much anything) I am always listening to music. It helps me focus and keeps my mind from wandering off to check Instagram, answer emails, respond to texts, and all other Internet distractions. (See also: Pinterest and Jimmy Fallon YouTube videos.)

I also started writing in a new notebook my friend Kelsie (@withlavandlace) made and sent me along with some other snail mail surprises. I think I have decided to dedicate this notebook to paper embroidery. I haven’t done that in such a long time! I have so many ideas and can’t wait to fill the pages with thread, photos, pressed flowers, and words.  To top it off, Kelsie recently designed a Miss Meredith iPhone 6 case for her online shop With Lavender & Lace. It is so perfect! She updated her shop with a few of these cases so head on over and check them out.

My goal is to finish this headband and start some paper embroidery over the weekend. Time to turn up the tunes and get started! What do you like to listen to/watch while you work on projects? I am always looking for new music recommendations!